Free or Low-Cost Programs

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Paying for Sexual Health Care Services

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (sometimes known as “Obamacare”) has expanded private health insurance for many Californians. Visit Covered California to see if a private health insurance plan is right for you or to apply for Medi-Cal, California’s public insurance program. If you are a young person, you can now stay on your parent’s insurance plan until you are 26 years old.

In California you have the right to free or low-cost reproductive health care if you don’t have insurance, don’t want to use your spouse’s or parent’s insurance, or can’t afford it on your own. Three California programs can help you pay for care. Eligibility is determined based on how much you earn. Some clinics have sliding fee scales: they charge a smaller fee to people who have less money. You can access many of these services regardless of your immigration status. You just need to qualify financially and show that you are a California resident.

Many Medi-Cal programs use the Federal Poverty Level to decide whether a person is eligible for certain programs. Eligibility is based on the size of your family and how much money you make. Your eligibility will be determined when you apply.

1. Family PACT

Family PACT is a state program that pays for many sexual and reproductive health services like pregnancy tests, birth control, STI testing and treatment, and counseling. People often recognize the turquoise-green Family PACT card. It does not pay for abortions, prenatal care or maternity care. The services are confidential, and you can get them regardless of your age or immigration status. You can sign up for Family Pact at a participating clinic, hospital or doctor’s office.

Finding The Right Family PACT Provider

When making an appointment with a Family Pact clinic, be sure to ask whether they offer referrals and resources for pregnancy, abortion and adoption. Depending on your health care situation, you may need additional support to deal with an unplanned pregnancy and you will want to know all of your options. To find a participating health care provider, call 800-942-1054 or visit

2. Medi-Cal

Medi-Cal pays for pregnancy-related health care—including prenatal care, delivery, post-partum care and abortion—if your income is low. There are several Medi-Cal programs that you may be eligible for if you are pregnant, and you can apply for these programs even if you are a minor or an undocumented immigrant. Medi-Cal services are confidential.  You can learn more about those programs here:

Minor Consent Services Medi-Cal pays for family planning services, including pregnancy tests, prenatal care, abortion, STI treatment, drug and alcohol treatment and mental health care. To qualify, you must be under 21 years old and still be living with or financially dependent on parents or guardians. Medi-Cal counts only the money you earn, not your parents’ or guardians’ income. You have to apply for Minor Consent Services at a local county social service office.

Apply for Programs

If you have questions about any of these programs or applying for services, you can also call the ACCESS Healthline at 800-376-4636 (Español: 888-442-2237). You may need to apply in person for some of these programs at a county social service office. To find the county social service office closest to you visit this website. If you apply in person you may need to bring a completed application, proof of California residency, or proof of income. Call the local office before you go to find out what information or documents you need to apply. Bring as much of the required paperwork as possible so that you can submit your application completely and quickly.