Where to Go: Clinics and More

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Find out where to go and who to call – whether you need confidential sexual health services, an abortion, emergency contraception, or just to talk to someone.

ACCESS Women’s Health Justice
800-376-4636 (Español: 888-442-2237) or http://accesswhj.org/
The ACCESS Healthline has peer counselors to help women and men understand their options and find free or low-cost services they need. They can answer your questions about Family PACT, Medi-Cal, private insurance and any other sexual or reproductive health issue.

Family PACT
800-942-1054 or www.familypact.org
Family PACT is a state program that pays for many sexual and reproductive health services, and can help you find a health care provider who can sign you up for this program.

Planned Parenthood
800-230-PLAN or www.plannedparenthood.org
You can get affordable and confidential health care at Planned Parenthood health centers. They offer a wide range of services for both teens and adults. Call to find the nearest center, make an appointment or get health information.

Emergency Contraception
800-521-5211 or http://ec.princeton.edu/index.html
Call this free hotline or visit this website for the names and phone numbers of places where you can get emergency contraception, also called Plan B, EC and “the morning-after pill.”

Warning: Not all clinics are alike

Some clinics pretend to offer comprehensive family planning services but will not tell you about all of your options. They call themselves “Crisis Pregnancy Centers” or “Pregnancy Resource Centers” but sometimes they use other names. Some of them give misleading information to try to prevent you from having an abortion. See www.acccesswhj.org to find clinics that will tell you the whole truth and give you all of your options.

If you feel you are being lied to or coerced, you are entitled to leave a clinic or center at any time. They cannot force you to stay against your will. If you believe you are in a clinic that is not giving you full information, you have every right to leave and to access services elsewhere.